Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kyoto Maiko 2

Kyoto Maiko exhibition in Takashimaya department store.( http://www.jr-takashimaya.co.jp/ ) Maiko and Geiko performed on the stage 4 times a day. 14,May. other girls came. Maiko was Satohina, Geiko was Naosome. they came from Kyoto Kamishichiken town. I took some pictures at talk time again. Fortunalty I could get some their standing pictures.


  1. maiko-san is so adorable, I hope I can be dressed in maiko-san susohiki too ^^

  2. Maiko sans are invited for Kyoto event often. We can see them in Nagoya here. We are lucky. I see they are beautiful. Some day you can try wear dress on.