Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Rice cake ceremony in Atsuta shrine. Kagami-mochi is a large round rice cakeď˝’ offered to the goods. It was a dedication Atsuta shrine suporters made very big Mochi over 100kg for each pieces. They marched and carried them into the building. The offical site

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Last Saturday evening,I could see Noh play at same place. But unfortunatly taking picture wasn't allowed. Noh play title was Tsuchigumo and very interesting. When I left the building,it was dark already. The christmas illuminations were continued to the park and whole streets. It was beautiful.


Last Saturday afternoon I visited to Nadyapark building ( to see the Christmas event. The second show was the Owari-Manzai. Nagoya area's traditional dance and music ceremony. Owari-Manzai is popular ceremonial play in January for a new year. It was little early but I enjoyed a lot.

The Christmas event

Last Saturday afternoon I visited to Nadyapark building ( to see the Christmas event. The first show was the music. Japanese traditional instruments Koto and Shakuhachi played. They played some some traditionals. And also they played the christmas music and pop music. It was surprised and interesting.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Atsuta pictures

Atsuta shrine other parts pictures. There were dedications. Japanese Sake and pickles barrels were displayed. And the big eldest tree with sacred straw rope. The offical site

Emperor's birthday

Shinto religious ceremony in Atsuta shrine. Yesterday 23,Dec was the public holiday and the emperor's birthday. Atsuta Shrine has very strong relation with the royal family. The Tenchousai ceremony that Shinto priests celebrated for the emperor's birthday. The offical site