Thursday, July 19, 2012

British and Japanese and tea

The final event of a day. I used to have a tea ceremony lesson every Thursday. I took them to the tea club. Our master and friends were very helpful. They sat up all for us. I wear Kimono dress and made a tea for them. And then I gave a little lesson that I made tham to make a tea in traditional way.

Nagoya Sumo tournament

Half past 4,we arrived Aichi gymnasium to see Sumo tournament. ( We were little late to come and the cheapest price tickets were sold out. Already Maegashira ranks matches were started. We watched the games and sometime I explained about Sumo. We saw Yokozuna champiogn's match and Yumitorisiki closing ceremony too.

Nakamura Dojo

After Suizan shopping,I took them to Nakamura Dojo where I am belong to. We spent half day for Kyudo already. Unfortunatly women were bored.

Suizan Kyudo shop

Ken's family Nagoya excursion day. In the morning I picked them up at the hotal and brought to Kyudo shop Suizan.( ). He had a big shopping list and needed a long time to set up. I bought an arrow carrier for myself. Suizan has a private Kyudo Dojo at the first floor. They introduced us there.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer festival

Sunday we had last training in Kushiri Dojo. The shrine held the summer festival at evening. We were lucky to see Miko shintoism religious dance at 5 o'clock. After ceremony, Bon dance started.

Mizunami Dojo

Kyudo training on Saturday. In the morning we had a training in the Kushiri shrine Dojo. But there was held Kyudo lesson for junior high school students afternoon. We visited to another place Mizunami Dojo and continued practicing.