Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cherry blossoms

Every Thursday evening. I have a tea ceremony lesson in Miwa shrine. Another day of afternoon I visited to my stockist office near there. I could drop by and checked the cherry blossoms. It was near full bloom. I think this week end will be high peak of this tree.

Banshoji temple

Every 28th day is the antique market in Osu temple. I did stall selling as usual. Same day there was anothere event in Osu shopping archade. Many stalls were lined up in Akamon street. Banshoji temple ( had Mochitsuki making rice cake event from 6 o'clock evening. Many people made a long cue to get Mochi cakes.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shinto wedding

Last Sunday afternoon I visted to Atsuta shrine. Fortunatly and incidently I could see the Shinto wedding ceremony there. Atsuta shrine was crowded. 3 couples had the ceremony. They marched and took pictures, And then the priest had a service in the shrine. It was beautiful. The offical site

Butsudan artisan

There was another part of Butsudan memorial service. Bustudan artisans demonstarted skills and display their works in the tent. Osu shopping archade and temple(

Butsudan ceremony

Last Sunday morning 27,March. There was very unique memorial service in Osu shopping archade and temple( It was for the Butsudan what a family Buddist altar. The Nagoya Butsudan association gathered old Butsudan and had a ceremony before abandon them. The monks burned them in the garden and had a service for them.


Last Saturday I had a Kyudo training in Nakamura Dojo as usual. After that I dropped by Meijo park near Nagoya castle. It was too early to see the cherry blossoms. But fortunatly there was another event. The Bonsai potted trees and blossoms were displayed in the garden house. Small trees were very unique looking and pretty.