Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Child march 2

Toyokuni shrine Spring festival at last Sunday. The another Child march started from 1 o'clock. The toddlers and children wear the traditional dress and marched with the parents. They looks really funny and cute. The site


  1. The children all look so adorable! I especially love the cuties in the strollers! =)

  2. Yes,they are very cute.
    But it was very hard event for parent.

  3. Hello!
    I'm first time in youre blog and very grateful for all your photos and storyes.
    Can I ask a question?
    Crawn on the girls - that is it? Something historical or religious?

  4. I checked out the internet and found an answer for your question.

    Girl's head piece/crawn is called Tenkan.
    Shintoism sister Miko wear it religious item.

    They are little smaller size for little girls.