Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ice carving

Ice carving in Osu shopping archade. It was a night event. 5 o'clock evening,14 artists stated carvings. I walked around the street. Big ice blocks became unique sculpute in an hour. http://www.osu.co.jp/news/index.php/view/645

36 centigrade

Osu temple 28th day regular antique market day. It was crazy hot day and 36 centigrade. Everyone were exhausted by heat and sales was the worst too. It was hard time for all stall sellers. The offical site http://www.ohsu.co.jp/kan_e.html

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rice planting 3

After dance, Rice planting's started. Saotome women walked into a sacred rice paddy and formed a line. The song and music were played at their back. They moved all together and continued planting. It was a planting and also looks like dancing. We Japanese had been done this whole rice paddies by ourselves before WW2. It must be hard.

Rice planting 2

Rice planting ceremony is an important traditional custom. And it has unique custom too. After service,Saotome planting women spread to the field and danced with the music. That is called a rice planting dance and praying for big harvest.

Rice planting 1

Rice planting is one of the most important event of our culture. Shintoism religeous rice planting ceremony was carried out where Hikami-Aneko shrine in Otaka at 26,June. There is a branch of Atsuta shrine. Saotome planting women and the priest had a service. And then they marched to the rice paddy.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hand craft fair

Hand craft fair 24-25,June in Fukiage. (http://handcraft-nagoya.or.jp/). There was very big event for the creators and the artists. They displayed their works. Some of them were really unique and outstanding. I walked around long time.