Monday, December 26, 2011

Shrine cleaning

The shrine cleaning ceremony in Atsuta shrine at 25,Dec. Everything becomes the ceremony in Shinto even cleaning. The priests had a service with bamboo trees. They marched to the building and dusting around with sacred bamboos. It was looks like they tickled the shrine roof. The offical site

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kimono Christmas in Nagoya

17,Dec 12:00 that NIPCC we had a Christmas party in the Shooters Sports Bar ( downtown Nagoya near Fushimi subway station. I brought some Kimonod dresses and put them on people. It was succeeded to cheer up a party. At the end of party we gathered around and took a group photo with all together. I could have a great time with them. Thank you for everyone. NIPCC ( クリスマスパーティーに着物を持ち込んで着せてまわりました。 大成功。

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fire ceremony

Akibayama Entsuji temple fire ceremony. ( Last night 16,Dec Half past 7,the monks lit up. The first moment the fire burned up and people marched around with bear foot. Near 8 o'clock,fire became small down. The monks and people started running through on the still little burned fire woods with bear foot. People passed the fire and prayed for good luck.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Be-spoke-made Shibori 2

Last week end I made up a Shibori Obi for Shino. One side is dark brown and the snow wheels. Another side is dark green and the scrolled vines. It is a reversible Obi belt. Let me show. I hope she like it. This is a first time to make Shibori Obi. I will continue to make Obi and making better next time. 絞りの昼夜帯が完成しました。 彼女は喜んでくれるかな? 初めて作ったので。。。。つまり次はもっと良いものが作れるはず。

Tea on the stage

Tea ceremony Omotesenke school Aichi branch held the ceremony at the Telepia-hall ( last Sunday. It was very unique that we had the tea on the stage. About 60 people sat down and formed line. I was one of them but too tight and unconfortable.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Be-spoke-made Shibori

One of my friend Shino who is an English translator and lives in Toyko. She has been watching my blog and becomes my Shibori fan. Last week she asked me to make Shibori Obi for her. Of course I accepted. We discussed on design for couple of days and finally made up a mind this week. One side is the snow wheels. Another side is the scrolled vines. She gave me her book before. Let me show. 東京に住む翻訳家の紫乃さんに絞りの帯を作ることになりました。彼女の希望で雪の輪と唐草をつくります。初めての注文制作。がんばるぞ。