Monday, March 26, 2012

Kyudo and a tie

Kyudo is a Japanese traditional style archery. I've been practicing for one and half year. Nagoya Kyudo association ( will hold Asia Oceania Kyudo seminar during 13-15,April. I am a member of the assistants. Last Sunday I went to Nakamura Dojo and talked over on the seminar with Dojo master. He gave me a tie we have to wear it at that day. I think this is not a fashion stuff. It is a proof of I am tied to a seminar.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sacred ceremony 3

The schedule of event. At first they had a Shinto ceremony in Shinmei shrine at 1 o'clock afternoon. 2 o'clock march started. People carried Mikoshi portable shrine and sacred objects. The march arrievd at Tagata shrine at half past 3. There were not far place. It was very slow march. The sacred object was carried into the shrine building. The object was dedicated to the god.

Sacred ceremony 2

You must be surprised to see this event. The object of worship in a Shinto what is very big male symbol shape of sculptured wood. It was 3 meter long and 300kg. of Japanese cypress. This is serious sacred object. Women touch it and pray for pregnancy or easy delivery or baby growth. I hope all people understand this is a real religious ceremony.

Scared ceremony 1

Japan's sacred ceremony. This is one of the most special event in Japan too. There was Tagata shrine ( in Komaki city where next city of Nagoya. Every 15 of March,they have this event. The first of all,I want to say this is not for fun. It is a real traditional and serious event.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Charity event

The charity event was held in Oasis 21 at 8,March. ( We had a moment of silent prayer for the victims of Miyagi and Fukushima at the beginging of event. The cheer up messages were written on the fish shape banners. The hundreds of banners were hanged and it was magnificent view.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Miwa shrine

Today 8,March. One of my friend Miwa shrine Shinto priestess invited me
for their monthly service. This service name is Daikoku-kou. We pray for
a Daikoku deity who is a god of merchant. I hope it will work for me. After
service we had a lunch. Miwa shrine, Nakaku, Osu 3-9-32. Daikoku-kou service.
8th day everymonth. Time 11:10-13:00

三輪神社 中区大須3-9-32 大黒講 毎月8日11時10分ころから始まります。