Monday, November 29, 2010

Osu temple

28th Sunday. It was regular Osu antique market day. many people came to Osu and good day. Only one thing,the winter comes and hard for stall keepers.


Last Saturday afternoon I visited to Mizuho Kyudo dojo to meet Mr Kitahara. I had a greeting and little chat. Many people practice Kyudo there. Mr Kitahara 7th dan master show me a model shooting.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nagoya girls

We dismissed at Nitaiji temple. I could have one more luck. I met Nagoya sightseeing campaign girls near the temple gate.( ) 3 girls wear Uchikake golden wedding dress with mask. I have never know such campaign and people. Fortunatly I could have a picture with them.

Tea House

After tea party,we back to Kakuouzan Nittaiji temple. ( At that day,we could have a special permission to see the temple inside garden and a tea house. Souketsuan is a tea house and registered as an important cultural properties by the gouvernment. There was beautiful Japanese garden and tea house.

Tea party

The short tour second place was Sououji temple ( There was the public tea party from 11 o'clock. It wasn't serious tea ceremony. Most of people wear usual daily cloth and took teas. I joined the tea party with Kimono dress.

Kakuouzan walk

Kakuouzan walk ( Last Saturday the Kakuouzan community volunteer guide and we walked to see some sight seeing places. The first place was Youkisou that histrical old house and Japanese garden. There are beautiful trees. The maple leaves were high peak at that day.