Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring festival

Yagoata Kousyouji temple Spring festival ( ) There were many stalls and people came. We could see some performances and listened to music.

Tsurumai park

The public tea cereony in Tsurumai park ( There were 2 tea houses Kakukau tei and Hyakka an. Usually they were closed. It was the first time to see there. Both tea houses were great looking.

Banshoji temple

Every 28th day's anothere event in Osu shopping archade. Many stalls were lined up in Akamon street. Banshoji temple ( had Mochitsuki making rice cake event from 6 o'clock evening. I had tea ceremony lesson too. I took Mochitsuki pictures and run to class.

Osu antique market

Osu temple 28th day regular antique market day. It was not good day. There was a reason. Nagoya antique fair will be opened 1-3 May. People saved money for it. My sales wasn't good. The offical site

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Charity and book

The charity book fair in Oasis 21. New and used books sold in Oasis 21 ( This book fair benefits will be used for support for the victims of eastern Japan disaster.

Monday, April 25, 2011


The cherry blossoms'd finished 2 weeks ago. Now the wisteria season has come. There was Meijo park near Nagoya castle. There were the wisteria roofs continued 600m. We can see the weeping flowers and the caste at same time.