Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tea ceremony

Thursday night usual tea ceremony lesson. We started training for Hatsugama
which is the first tea ceremony of the year. Our master set up the shelf
and the hearth as same as she is planning for the ceremony. I haven't seen
them and first time to do this style. I am worried if I can learn them
during December. Hatsugama ( at 1-6
January,2012. The tea room is the important cultural property and we students
will help for the ceremony.

表千家茶道 磯谷宗香教室 場所 三輪神社 中区大須3-9-32 木曜日18:00-20:00 入学費5000円、月謝4500円 (4レッスン) 見学歓迎です。

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