Wednesday, November 30, 2011


3 weeks ago,I made a Shibori shawl 74cmx163cm with a design of 4 bamboos and a sparrow. I thought it needs little more crowded patterns. This time I made a shawl with 5 trees and 2 birds. I like it very much. It is Japanese designed and looks POP and being able to proof a value of handwork. 2 Kanji letters are Soukou which is my tea master's name. This is a Christmas present for her. Shibori site ( 和風デザインでポップ感があって手仕事の凄みが表現できているお気に入りの作品です。宗香は僕の茶道の先生の名前です。クリスマスプレゼント用に作りました。

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