Monday, December 12, 2011

Be-spoke-made Shibori 2

Last week end I made up a Shibori Obi for Shino. One side is dark brown and the snow wheels. Another side is dark green and the scrolled vines. It is a reversible Obi belt. Let me show. I hope she like it. This is a first time to make Shibori Obi. I will continue to make Obi and making better next time. 絞りの昼夜帯が完成しました。 彼女は喜んでくれるかな? 初めて作ったので。。。。つまり次はもっと良いものが作れるはず。


  1. Congratulations! Beautiful work, It is wonderful that you are keeping this craft alive.

  2. My skill is getting better for each work. Someday i will be professional Shibori dyer.