Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bamboo and Sparrow

Let me show you my November new Shibori work. Last month I talked with Kimono fabric dyer on Shibori muffler. At the end,he offered me to make bigger thing. This time I made a Shibori shawl 74cmx163cm with a design of bamboo and sparrow. Frankly speaking,I am not satisfied with this. I think there are too many blank spaces. Shibori site ( 先月、着物の染色屋さんと絞り作品のことを話したところ、大きなものを作ったほうが良いといわれました。今回は大きなショールを作りました。竹に寒雀。もう少し模様を詰めて作ったらもっと良くなりそう。


  1. It is beautiful, you are too critical of your own work!. Do you use silk and dye with indigo? The sparrow is very precious.
    You have inspired me, I bought a book on shibori by Yoshiko Imamoto Wada and shall try an experiment.

  2. Gods, the sparrow is cute!
    I agree with origa-me, you're too critical with your own work.

  3. Dye Indigo? (Aizome,isn't it?)
    This is very difficult.
    Organic authentic indigo dye needs a factory space. The chemical mixed indigo dye is very popular. I can do anytime.

    Too critical with my own work?
    I think this is Japanese culture.
    Japan is a shameness culture country.

  4. Thank you for the reply, I will try chemical dye.
    I think western society may be the opposite and it is good to be humble!