Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shinto service

Last Sunday I was invited Shinto service at Miwa shrine. There female Shinto
priest who is my tea lesson mate. This service name is Daikoku-kou. We
pray for a Daikoku deity who is a god of merchant. I hope it will work
for me. After service we had a lunch. Last year,she asked me to make Shibori
muffler with a design of poodle. She was pleased it very much. Miwa shrine,
Nakaku, Osu 3-9-32. Daikoku-kou service. 8th day everymonth. Time 11:10-13:00

三輪神社 中区大須3-9-32 大黒講 毎月8日11時10分ころから始まります。

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