Monday, January 31, 2011

Yagota temple

Last Sunday afternoon I visited to Yagoata Kousyouji temple ( ) There was a pre-event of Setsubun festival at 3,Feb. But unfortunatly I missed it. I got into temple garden and took a tea. There are beautiful Japanese garden and tea house. I hear they have Zen meditation lecture. I will be here at 20,Feb zen lecture day again.

Child march 2

Child march event in Gokoku Jinja at 30,Jan. ( ). The march started about 12 o'clock. Children wear the traditional dress. The Shinto priests and children walked around the shrine together.

Child march 1

Child march event in Gokoku Jinja at 30,Jan. ( ). Last Sunday I visited to there to see child march. There was another event that Mochitsuki is a making rice cake and popular event in the winter. The shrine members made Mochi cake and served for us. I ate 1 dish and hot Mochi was delicious.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chinese festival

Chinese Spring festival in Nagoya 28-30,Jan. Hisaya park. Chinese new year celebration according to the lunar calendar. I saw some Chinese show and walked around there. At last,Chinese big masked child allow me to take a picture. It was cute. (

Nagoya Artisans

Nagoya artisans fair in Nadyapark building ( They displayed their works in the each boothes and explained detail. Some of them demonstrated their hand works on the stage.