Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dotonbori street

5,September my dayoff and Osaka excusion again. I am a total stranger here because everyone recoganize I don't have Osaka accent. I visited to Dotonbori street. ( There are famous place to see very big and fancy signboards. They are all very unique.

Shitennoji temple

Shitennoji temple ( there is one of the bigget temple in Osaka. The antique markets are held at 21th and 22th day everymonth. I sold Kimonos at 21,Aug. But it was too hot to sell something outside. The sales was auful. After lunch I walked around the garden. There were big temple and beautiful pagoda. I was fascinated.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tsutenkaku tower

That afternoon I visited to one more famous sightseeing place called Tsutenkaku tower.( ). There are very unique shopping streets around that tower. Most of them are the Osaka food restaurants and bars. Big signboards entice people very much.

Osaka castle

14,August I took a day off and had a little excusion around Osaka city. I am a total stranger here. The first visiting place was Osaka castle of course. ( There were so many foreign tourists. It was rainny and hotday. I got sweat a lot when I climbed up on the castle top floor.

Minoh city

I was relocated to Osaka ,Minoho city at 1,August. ( It is needed for my business. I live near Minoh station and there is a big water fall as well.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

British and Japanese and tea

The final event of a day. I used to have a tea ceremony lesson every Thursday. I took them to the tea club. Our master and friends were very helpful. They sat up all for us. I wear Kimono dress and made a tea for them. And then I gave a little lesson that I made tham to make a tea in traditional way.